Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Frozen Earth Sparkles by Moonlight

The full moon spotlight flooded my bedroom at 4 in the morning.
I got up and started to work, making lists of things that need tending.
Later I prepared for ritual, concocted a ceremony to burn evergreen boughs.
Releasing my dreams by smoke into the world.
The fire blazed so hot, so wild.
I ran to the stairs and looked back from far away.

Is my power this wild?
Are my dreams really this big?
This morning...
My eyes wanted to stay shut.
I am not sure I am ready for more light.
Where does the moon live in side of me?
Is this the light that I wish to shine?
Sunlight is so bold and brazen, I can't look upon her
without squinting, without looking away.
Moonlight glows from my womb, a reflection of my soul.


Pamela Grace said...

Your love affair with the earth and heavens inspires, delights and enhances my own.
A thousand thanks!

Anonymous said...

im sorry i missed you today, but i still feel connected to you through your poetry which is beautiful! best to you and your gathering