Sunday, March 8, 2009

A Time of Great and Small Movements

What an incredible time to be alive.
We as humans have the opportunity to create our lives as works of art.
This spring time energy of emergance feels to me like the emergance of a new way, a new culture and we are crafting it with each breath, each thought, each intention, each act, bringing forth a world of peace and abundance.
I have been paying close attention to the energy of spring this year. Emergance is a powerful force. When I look down at the grown and see the deep, red Valerian leaves breaking ground and growing little by little up toward the sun, I think I understand how to change. When I think about the wild, winds yesterday, rushing through the towering Douglas Fir Tree on our land, I think I know how to change.
Because emergance is a transitional time,
a time of great and small movements, it can be challenging to pin down how to nourish ourselves. Nurturing ourselves during this seasonal and cosmic shift will help us embody fully what we perceive as our most precious path.
I have found that focusing on what is emerging and how to nurture myself through great change has helped me to stay focused on the sensory aspect of living and create my story from within me.

Here is an shamanic exercise that will help to nurture emergance:
  • Find a comfortable place to sit, inside or outside.
  • Notice your breath and breathe in and out three times.
  • Allow things to emerge, to bubble up, to pop out. What comes to mind?
  • Write it down, then again and again 27 times
  • These things you have written down are like a puzzle, a dream interpreted. Read these and discover themes.
  • What you decipher from this is what is emerging for you.
  • Find ways to nurture these things.
  • This is a very creative, wild way to take your thoughts and utilize them to discover what calls you and to nurture it.

This time of emergance is a wonderful time to discover and enhance self love. Nourishing Herbs are a wonderful way to give ourselves the mineral richness that Earth provides at our doorsteps. Stinging Nettle is initiating herself all over the place now. Soon she will be large enough to harvest and dry for nourishing herbal infusions. Oatstraw, wild, nourishing and estatically vibrant plant can be planted right now to harvest in summer. These two plants bring nourishment to our blood, bones, energetic and nervous systems and so much more. Stinging Nettle nourishes change and oatstraw bring focus to our consciousness. This is a good place to start loving ourselves from the inside.
May it be in beauty.

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