Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Alchemy of Our Divine Nature

I walked out this morning as the sun rose over the tall evergreen trees, to check on my goats and to visit the tipi that sits on our land. I stood in the bowl (a natural concave) before the tipi entrance and look up at Grandmother Cedar, released my burdens, sloughed off what is no longer useful and entered the tipi to replace the water and check on the now dowsed fire. Our Summer Solstice~New Moon Earth Celebration last night was powerful and precious. Fourteen people gathered for community potluck and then new moon ritual to release anything we no longer want for ourselves, our families, our community our world. And then we gathered blessings for our world, scattered rose petals for love and beauty, laid yarrow stalks for transformaton and placed cedar boughs on our path to bless each step we take in the world. I am moved by the rituals we have here, I receive a great deal from them and am inspired to know that each person evokes their own inspiration.

It was mentioned last night that the word Solstice means "pause". My shamanic teachers have offered wisdom to me about this time of year as not a waning but a widening, an expansion of the earth's energies and a great time of manifestation. At Summer Solstice, the energy of the earth is fully activated from the deepest parts of the earth up and out to the deepest reaches of the cosmos, connecting us with our ancient past and our ancestors and also into our infinite future.
My garden this morning was powerful, so many plants speaking to me, offering themselves to me.

There are a few plants that bring their most potent medicine at Summer Solstice. St. Joan's Wort,
Hypericum perforatum, connects us with the soul of who we are. She is a most precious nervous system nourisher and healer and a plant teacher. Plant teachers are those plants that will heal anything and everything. St. Joan's Wort is one such plant. Nervous system, liver, immune system, energetic system, healing thoughts, emotions and spirit. The beautiful yellow flowers reveal within them, a deep magenta-red substance who's smell calms and who's medicine is like to other.

We have a native Artemesia plant here on Whidbey Island,
Artemesia suksdorfii. This powerful plant's fragrance is intoxicating and calls me over whenever I am in the garden the last few days. I utilize her for bringing focus to my dreams. I will gather the flowering stalks now to dry and make smudges and to place under my pillow. I won't use her indicriminately though. She is powerful enough that I use utmost integrity and intention when I evoke her magic.

Achillea millefolium grows wild on the beaches here on Whidbey and in my garden wild, from plants I transplanted from my beach home. Yarrow is utilized by wise woman who want to stop excessive bleeding, flooding during menopause. She also is a native healer for the immune system and a wound healer. I call upon her to transform my entire being, bring new manifestation to my world. I dreamed of her years ago...a phoenix in a garden burst into flames and was reborn as a yarrow plant.

We have an incredible opportunity to transform our lives, our world into one that works for all beings. It is already here before us, we only need evoke new thoughts to see and receive it. Noticing what is working, speaking prayers of peace, of prosperity and humanity, of kindness and nourishment, of inclusion for all in this sacred earth community is what will transform our thoughts. It is the alchemy of our divine nature that supports the growth and expansion of this new world.

A simple practice to support this perspective:
  • Write down 100 things in your life that are working.
  • Write down 100 gratitudes.
  • Say thank you to 10 people everyday that have helped and supported you in any way.
May it be in beauty.


gumboot goddess said...

thank you for your beautiful photos and wise words, they make my heart smile :-) blessed be sister

Julie Charette Nunn, Crow's Daughter said...

Your welcome...peace and green blessings, Julie