Thursday, June 17, 2010

Divine Design within the Imperfection

I returned from my fourth trip to Vermont Prosperity Training this last Sunday evening. It was a good training this time. Each time I am opened more. This time I really wanted to hide and not open because of disclosing my lack of integrity in relationship with money.

I am even reluctant to share it here. What will you think if you know that I am not always in integrity with money?

We had an assignment to choose four ways of changing. One of these ways was....”from tired overwhelm of a mess that’s chaotic, unconscious, frantic, scatter and make wrong””energetic actions of order and design making priorities and promises that are focused, scheduled and accountable.” In choosing this one, I saw that I could organize my finances and be straight with what I need to pay. What occurred after this was somewhat of a blur. My teacher Toni Stone proceeded to break-down the ego mind with which I was operating and help me to see that I am not fully in integrity with what I said I would do. I truly thought I was doing pretty well up to that point, that I was doing my best. I discovered that I sometimes pretend to be ignorant when really I am not at all.

Later we talked about witnessing these imperfect ways that we are and accepting ourselves as we are. I am learning from this training and also from my prosperity conversations with students that the goal is not to be perfect. The goal is to be vulnerable, to open ourselves to being ourselves. There is a kind of divine design within the imperfection.

May it be in Beauty.


Unknown said...

Thank you for these reminders, Julie, of integrity and the perfection in imperfection, just what I need right now.

Unknown said...

Thank you, Julie, for these reminders of integrity and the perfection in imperfection. Just what I needed right now!