Sunday, September 11, 2011

Moving Forward with Intention~September 11

Hello Everyone,
I wrote two poems after the momentous events of September 11, 2001.
The first one I wrote within days of September 11th and the second one about a year later.

May we all move forward with peace in our hearts.

Green Blessings, Julie

It was a morning like any other,

I crouched in front of my heater,
I remember a dream I had right before I woke

Lovers were intertwined in the mud,
In the rubble along a flowing river
It was my mother's call that alerted me to the tragic plane crashes

I was in shock I was afraid and excited
It was, after all, an awakening.

It was a mourning like no other
An incredible sadness lay heavy in my body.

I sought information from the radio internet

I sought my own true nature for wisdom

I felt myself rise up out of my grief
And follow the path of my dreams

The path is filled with possibilities and road blocks.
"Pray for peace" my email message read.
"We must destroy the evil" I heard him say.
"Extend compassion empathy to everyone involved." he wrote
"God Bless America" everywhere I look.
"Love is the answer to every question." She sang.

And a voice sings out in me strong and clear.

"Follow your heart's desire.

Do only what you are called to do.
Nothing more.
Feel everything strongly and thoroughly,

Let despair envelop you until you find possibility.

Let rage propel you to act without hesitation.
Let sadness bring you a last to peace within yourself."

And I cry,
"I love myself."

This poem was published in my column, The Wise Woman's Garden, in
The Beltane Papers, Journal of Women's Mysteries, Spring 2002

In the heart of hopelessness,
I found a new world.
In its sadness,
a river flowed in peace.
And in the center of all grieving,
a flower bloomed
into a joy
beyond all knowing.

May it be in Beauty.

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