Wednesday, August 19, 2015

A Life of Listening

It’s been a hot, dry summer. 

I have been enjoying our little plot of earth here on Whidbey Island.  

We don’t have a problem here with the heat and the dryness.  This is because I have learned to go with the flow.  Instead of lamenting over what could have been if it had rained, I instead have enjoyed seeing what grows well in a hot, dry summer and what would enjoy plenty of rain.  

The little Vervain plant is very happily still blooming.  The rosa gallica officianalis is vibrant.  The burdock under the Douglas fir trees has it made in the shade, continuing with its first year/second year growth.  The comfrey is a bit wilted but still remains steadfast.  The nettle is seeding very well, and in the goat pasture, there is vibrant green end of summer nettle emerging.  

The tomatoes didn’t really grow much but produced a few tomatoes.  I let them be, first I watered them but it became clear that because they were in our new hugel bed that I would have to water a lot.  I chose not to do that, to use a lot of water from our well.  Instead I have been purchasing my neighbors tomatoes.  

I want to share some wisdom here and don’t want to be too preachy.  

I really wanted to have more of a cultivated garden this year.  The wisdom though is that it will take more time for the hugel beds to be effective, especially since it is so dry.  And so I must continue to the patient.  This seems to be what the garden is teaching me.  Patience and persistence.  

The persistent part is that I continue to listen and follow the guidance given about what to do in the garden.  

I think I could become preachy is I tell you to follow your intuition no matter what, like I am an expert at it.  But that is not what is going on.  I am only a beginner at following my intuition.  And yet, I have started it.   I sometimes still feel quite vulnerable, especially when others look at my garden and what they see isn’t what they expected to see.  

There are many things that have helped me to begin a life of listening and following intuition.  One of the most important things is self love.  When they mind chatter voice wants to tell me I should just give it up, I know this is not the true me.  My love for myself is my love of life.  

May it be in Beauty.  

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