Thursday, February 4, 2016

And the earth still rest until it is time

“Rely on your eyes. You will not see; 
Rely on your ears, You become deaf; 
Address only symptoms and you will miss the point; 
Stride after perfect health and become lame. 
The true healer lets go of the senses and moves from the center of intuition; 
Blameless, she give herself permission to be exactly who she is."
From the Tao of Healing-Meditations for Body and Spirit by Haven Trevino

We are still in the liminal seasonal transition from winter into spring.  There are stirring under the earth, there is awareness from all of earth creatures that spring is coming, as promised.  And yet the earth still rests until it is time. We may be impatient, getting ready but its not yet. And the earth still rest until it is time.  

The moon is also waning and by Monday it will be a new moon, a dark moon.  The end as well as the beginning.   This is a good time to do nothing.  

In Susun Weed’s process of 7 medicines, the first medicine is Serenity Medicine.  We know what we would like to heal and we allow some time to “do nothing” about it.  To allow healing to come from nature, our inner natures and from the invisible.  

It seems like nothing is happening.  It may even appear that we are
ignoring our challenge.  And worse yet, that we are in denial about what challenges us.  And yet, what we do when we practice serenity medicine is to honor the still, small voice of intuition that we can hear when we quiet down.  

In the shamanic tradition, power is not something we have, but something that moves in us.  We are the hollow bone, the reed flute, the tree that bends in the wind.  

When we allow a time for quiet and rest, for listening and allowing, we create the space for healing to happen.  

Serenity Medicine is about trust.  We can trust the process of life to point the way that we need to go.  I find serenity medicine is the most difficult medicine for people to practice.  It isn’t easy to let go, to trust, to allow.  

What happens when we do practice serenity medicine is that we cultivate vulnerability, openness, willingness, honesty and self love. 

Nature teaches us well so that we can learn this practice.  
If there is something that you wish to heal, a challenge that you have with your life, something you would like to shift. Take some time outside to notice your surroundings.  
Notice what nature and the plants are doing right now.  Pay attention to your breath and breathe  with everything you are experiencing.  Offer gratitude for the moment.  

It is good to have a time limit for serenity medicine.  This is so we don’t lapse into thinking that action is not required at all.  It is a dance to flow and move in time to our inner rhythms.  To know when to stop and then when to go.  

May it be in Beauty.  

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