Saturday, July 30, 2016

The Seed Heads are Like Moons

It is summer in my wild garden.  The blackberry brambles are weaving their way into the other plants growing.  I feel vulnerable when I am out in the garden.  It takes some time for me to calm down into what is really going on out there.

At first I feel overwhelmed, shouldn't I be cutting back all these plants.  What about these grasses?  Aren't they taking over the garden.  What about the buttercup?   I feel emotionally activated by my conditioning.

As I spend time outside in the garden a little longer, the plants begin to communicate with me and I start to relax.  The seeds of the yellow dock are about ready to harvest.  I notice the brilliant lamb's quarters, so happy and green, even in the heat.  The chickweed has found a shady spot to keep growing.  And the apples are plump and abundant.

There is a sow thistle plant in the garden that is at least seven feet tall.  The leaves are shiny and waxy and the seed heads are like moons.

I pay particular attention to the comfrey.....because I got into a somewhat heated conversation online about whether comfrey is good for internal use.  It has been good friend for so long.

As I am leaving the garden, I talk to the comfrey especially.  She says, "My brain. Your brain."  And then she says, "If you rely too heavily on the scientific tradition, you will not use plants for what they are intended."

My garden continues to be a powerful teacher for me.  When I look at my life through one lens, it can appear overwhelming and I can see messes and tangles.  And when I settle into life and look again at what I am creating, I see each particular aspect and what is needed for it right now.

May it be in Beauty.

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