Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Laugh with the Gifts

frozen earth this morning
foggy blanket covers our valley
deep maroon dock seeds
remind me of inner bounty

amber leaves lead me to the goat barn

chickweed laughs
with the cold and wet
so happy, so content

I will take her lead
will be thankful for this day
and laugh with the gifts
I am receiving

A shamanic exercise to connect with the gifts this day offers:
  • Walk outside near where you live
  • Find a plant that is thriving in your surroundings
  • Sit or stand near this plant
  • Notice your breath and breathe a few natural breaths in and out
  • Now shift your perseption and take 7 more breaths, breathing in the breath of this plant and breathing out, offering your breath to the plant.
  • Notice how this plant is growing, everything about it. How it comes up out of the earth, what colors are present and imagine its root below the ground.
  • Now for just a few minutes, imagine you are this plant, thriving here in the energy of the earth right now.
  • What is your breath like? What do you feel? What thoughts come to mind? What sensations? as you embody this plant thriving...
  • When this is complete, give thanks for the plant and this day.

May you find humor and joyfulness in life's circumstance.
May it be in Beauty.

Green Blessings,

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Join us and listen to another Inspirolog with Jamie Walters of Ivy Sea and Crow's Daughter. In this recording Jamie and I are sharing more about connecting with the spirit of nature and the trees.

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Herbal Wisdom Mentorship for Girls
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