Monday, July 6, 2009

We are Water, Mostly, and So are Plants Water

The rain came this morning to our land here on Whidbey Island.
I prayed for it and then wished I hadn't because of the start of our Herbal Wisdom Summer Mentorship for Girls starting today.
But once I stepped out on the earth, onto the rain soaked grass and felt the warm moist air on my skin, I softened. A gentleness washed over me, soothed my overwhelmed, overheated and overexcited body/mind.
Water is a much needed companion in summer's heat and fire.
Water washes away that last bit of unneeded energy so that we may manifest our desires.
We are water, mostly, and so are plants water.

I will not wait for the overwhelm of summer's heat to take its toll on me next time.
I will drink water, I will sprinkle water on my brow, I will soak my feet in water, I will swim.
Summer is the time to grow, grow, grow. Summer is the time to continue through, to put all that we've got into what we desire.

And as we focus our intentions on our desired outcomes, we may bring gentleness, peace and well-being into our practices with water...
  • Walk barefoot on the rain soaked land
  • Wash your face with spring water
  • Soak your feet in warm, salty water
  • Drink nourishing herbal infusions
  • Bless the you that is water
  • Cry tears of sadness and joy
  • Spend time wading in a lake, a stream, an ocean
  • Thank the rain
May it be in Beauty.

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Prozac said...

All completely true. It is amazing how often people forget that most basic of facts.