Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Growing Quickly When Its Necessary

In Seattle today, at Warren G. Magnuson Park, I visited the cottonwood trees. There is one tree especially who's strong presence I seek when I return to this beautiful place. The buds of this tree were swelling, plump and even though they were out of reach, I could sense the thick, gooey, resin of Balm of Gilead. This other worldly medicine is in its prime right now. I almost forgot to harvest this year, distracted by so many changes, until I was spontaneously drawn to the park this afternoon before a healing session. As soon as I drove into the park, I saw the cottonwoods and remembered.

I am tied to the seasons now. I have been returning to harvest Cottonwood aka Balm of Gilead for I think about 15 years. The plant's messages and compassion are getting stronger and stronger for me. I cannot avoid it, pretend I don't understand it or doubt it anymore. I am happily surrendered to this life along side the plants. Cottonwood has worked her magic with me quite a bit lately. I have offered her my fear and she has given me inspiration. I have harvested her buds and she has given me healing oil. I have asked her advise and she has smiled at me, comforted me and taught me to grow quickly when its necessary.

It is Imbolc today...the traditional time of initiation. I am initiating spontaneity. I am opening to the wise and wild path of change and growth, fast and fine.

What will you initiate this year?

May it be in Beauty.


Comfrey Cottages said...

how lovely julie! your sharing about surrendering to the plants and living with the cycles of the seasons. i am glad cottonwood was able to draw you to her today:)

Julie Charette Nunn, Crow's Daughter said...

Thanks....I will harvest cottonwood soon, for oil that I will add to my salves....peace.