Monday, May 17, 2010

I could actually say I am in love with the taste of wild rose honey.

One of the most delicious and deeply sensual gifts of life is Wild Rose Honey Electuary. It's taste is exquisite and its healing unfathomable. It is so simple to make. You can make it with the wild roses which are beginning their bloom right now and you can make it with any rose.

Here is how.... Venture off to a place where the wild rose grows. As you come into its presence, begin to pay attention to your breath. Detect the smell of rose, perhaps subtle at first. And then put you nose right into the bloom. (Watch for bees. :<)

Smell this delectable fragrance and give thanks for it. Now, ask the rose if you may harvest. Yes? Well then, look for the blooms who's stamens are still pale yellow. Harvest as many as you can get in a jar just about to the top. Offer gratitude once again.

Saying thank you is a practice in itself and cannot be done too much. You can harvest the roses right into your jar if you like, but when you place them in a basket, they are so beautiful. Place these beautiful roses in your jar and drizzle local, raw honey over them. This is a slow process and can be rather messy evoking the wild wise woman in you.

You will want enough honey to cover the roses. Put a lid on your jar and label this with name and date. And wait...its hard to wait for rose honey, but oh, so worth it. Six weeks is long enough, but you could actually start to taste the rose in the honey after just one day.

You can strain this with a seive and a cloth. can just eat it right out of the jar. And offer gratitude again for such precious medicine. I could actually say I am in love with the taste of wild rose honey. I must just surrender to this fact.

May it be in Beauty.

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Anonymous said...

What a great idea!! Wild rose honey sounds absolutely divine. Thank you for sharing.