Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Journey of a Garden

I have written many things about my garden. 
how it mirrors my consciousness
its transformation
my transformation 
I am still writing its story
growth and change are 

the story of a garden
there will always be a story to share
something new discovered
I spent the last two years
letting my garden go to the weeds and grasses  

there are those special places
in the garden that I tended 
the Goddess Garden is planted
with oatstraw every year


the raspberry patch produces all summer 
the lavender, the lady’s mantle, the little veggie beds
the tomato garden, the comfrey
the motherwort are steadfast friends
the grasses have grown sturdy
the dandelion established permanency 

last year I listened in the garden
a different listening 
I sensed the garden was speaking to me 
relinquish what a garden should look like
allow my wild and free nature
to take over the space
I moved deeper into the uniqueness of my garden 
the garden told me to cultivate  


I am to plant roses
and medicinal herbs
vegetables plots
a fig tree and ginkgo tree 

blueberries and dahlias and zinnia 
would grow there 
she told me
my garden embodies  

wild and free nature
a life fully lived
and the nourishing 

and healing possible 
at our doorsteps  

I am listening
I am following
I am beginning
the journey of a garden
the journey of a lifetime  

may it be in beauty


Jesi Passepartout said...


Your blog is awesome and I am very happy to have found it through the Herbal Roots blog. Your garden is so beautiful. I live in a studio apartment in the city (Seattle, right downtown!) with my husband and baby son but next year we will be moving out west a bit to the island/peninsula and I definitely plan on having some yard space for a garden! I miss so much laying on the ground and getting down to really feel the plants' energies! Thank you so much for sharing!

Julie Charette Nunn, Crow's Daughter said...

Thanks, me, if you want to be on my email list for classes and such....enjoy the summer and plants...peace and gratitude, Julie