Sunday, February 24, 2008

Awakening from our Dreams

Greetings, Lovers of the Green,

Bright sun and shadowed moon

Bring me deeper into my physical presence in the world

The season of awakening from our dreams is upon us
We have dreamed the dreams of our desires
We have birthed ourselves into a new world
And now we are ready to open our eyes

I see...

A pair of bald eagle dance together in the air above our farm

Their cries are soothing and wild.

From out of the soil comes
Chickweed, subtle, sweet and potently present
Poppy leaves return at the top of the Goddess garden

Wild turkish tulips wave their new bright green leaves

Catkins dangle from hazel, alder

Apples plump to reveal a bud of leaves
Pussy willow reminding me of my childhood life outside

I know that somewhere nearby cottonwood drips with resin

What is it we wish to see in the world this year?
Let us begin it.
Be it.

Embody it.
The world cries a wild and soothing call for us
To mate with our deepest yearnings.
Let us open our eyes wide

To life’s potent, subtle and sweet possibilities.
May it be in Beauty.

A shamanic exercise to initiate awakening from our dreams:
  • Go outside where you live where there is a natural setting, trees, plants and some open space.
  • Close your eyes and notice your breath. Breathe in and out 3 times.
  • Now imagine you are just awakening from sleep, eyes closed and you have just dreamed a dream of all that you desire.
  • Open your eyes and what do you see.
  • Do this several times. Each time taking note of what you see when you open your eyes.
  • Give thanks for what you witnessed.
  • Now speak outloud an intention for all that you desire.
  • Take time in the next weeks until Spring Equinox to speak this intention to others.
Green Blessings,
Julie Charette Nunn, Crow's Daughter

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