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Nettle Stories ~ Blog Party

Signs of spring are present now, signs of the warming and changing Earth.Frogs croak loudly in the wetland and Stinging Nettle emerges once more.
We are hosting a March Blog Party called
"Nettle Stories" through the Herbwifery website.

Below you can read our entry, "Nourishing Wholeness".
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“Nourishing Wholeness”

A wise teacher of mine once said that the Earth does not understand the concept of hope. This intrigues me, as I know that hope has helped me through some tough times. It is my humanness that hopes for renewal, hopes for things to change for the better, hopes for peace and justice in the world. How does Earth do it? How do I transform hope into promise, trust, and inclusion...? If I were to shape shift my consciousness into being Earth; that which renews again and again without fail...What would life be like?

Well, come join me on the path called Nourishing Wholeness.

To follow this path, you need not give up anything; you need not change anything because this is the path of change itself. Come walk with me.

The sun warms the Earth now and spring appears wearing her new green cloak. There is a promise she brings, out of the darkness and deepness of winter will come life, newness and wholeness once again. Trust is a way of life on this path.
We are walking the spiral; each step is new and different. Each time we encounter our familiar surrounding they express themselves ever so differently.
Within us new cells are being created every moment. The natural world mirrors this miraculous creation. Always new; always unique;
ever-changing. Possibilities are endless for us here and we choose to enhance this journey with nourishment. We choose food and herbs that nourish our wholeness. We choose activities that nourish our wholeness. We acknowledge thoughts and feelings as the incredible rainbow palette of self-expression. We feel power and passion burning within us. We breathe in the breath of the trees, the plants and breathe out our gift of life to all around us. We are women, womb ones, holy ones.

There is a plant that nourishes our wholeness, our holiness and this ever-changing path. She is Stinging Nettle Urtica dioica. She is growing right outside my door and most likely very near you as well. Her lifeblood helps us women to nourish those new cells within us being created every moment. Take sometime this spring and summer to find Nettle growing near you. If you wish to harvest her green bounty pick her before she flowers in spring. But do go visit her when she is in bloom. And visit her again in late summer to harvest her seeds, full of vibrancy and minerals to nourish healthy change.
Here is a shamanic exercise to explore the nourishment of Nettle and ways we nourish ourselves (You can do this shamanic exercise with any plant brew.)
Prepare some Stinging Nettle Nourishing Herbal Infusion ~ one ounce of dry herb per one quart of boiling water, pour the boiling water over the dry herb, cover this and let it set overnight. You can then strain it. (Refrigerate any of it you are not going to drink right away.)
· Heat the Nettle infusion to just below boiling
· Pour this into your favorite teacup.
· With cup in hand, sit wherever you love to sit when drinking tea.
· Sip the infusion
· Savor the flavors, the temperature of the infusion and notice her many qualities.
· Begin to listen to your body’s response to the brew.
· Take note.
· Now, ask the question, “What nourishes me?”
· Listen for a response, notice thoughts and feelings that come into your consciousness.
· Ask this question at least three times.
· When you have finished your cup of infusion, rinse the cup and place it on the counter in your kitchen.
· Give thanks for Stinging Nettle
· Give thanks for the things that nourish you.
· Give thanks for the ways you nourish yourself.

May it be in Beauty.

This Spring and Summer as you venture on the spiral path of nourishing wholeness, explore ways of offering gratitude. There are many. Some speak their gratitude before meals and at night before sleep. Some offer gifts to those that bless them. Some sing and dance their gratitude. What is your way? How will you offer thanks for your blessings?

This article first appeared in my column, From 'The Wise Woman's Garden' column in The Beltane Papers, Journal of Women's Mysteries, Issue 35 ~ Spring ~ 10,005,
Year of the Goddess

There is was titled "Shamanic Herbalism ~ Part III ~ Nourishing Wholeness"

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