Saturday, August 25, 2012

A Very Rich Space of Healing

Today, I hit a bit of a snag, in the flowing river of healing.  

I got depressed and the 'bad advice' from my mind chatter got very loud and took over and I started believing it.  

I really just wanted to lay on my bed and feel sorry for myself.  Poor me, my hip hurts when I walk so I require the aid of a walking stick.  Poor me, I have financial commitments that seem too big right now to take of.  Poor me....blah, blah, blah. 

Well, I got up and decided to read a mind treatment I had written for healing.  I read it four times. 

I read affirmations about healing.  I spoke prayers about who I trully am, not a hurt hip, not a sad, pathetic old woman.  I am the divine expression of the rich, radiant, substance of the universe. And it is my divine right to express this with each breath.  Really?  YES!

The  space of healing this challenge with my hip is a very rich space.  It is filled with mystery and new ways to see everything.  A teacher once told me that if I think I know the answers then I won't be open to learn things I never thought of.  

Here are some things I have been doing to heal: 
  • I wrote a mind treatment for healing.
  • I created a covenant with the Goddess, a type of contract that in exchange for healing I will do these things.  I chose a whole bunch of things which I must do everyday until the Full Moon, no shit, even if I don't want to do them.  
  • I am drinking two cups of nourishing herbal infusion everyday. 
  • I am eating nourishing food everyday which includes, fermented foods, soups with bone broth, food made from scratch, raw goat milk, healthy protein.  I am minimizing junk.  
  • I am doing 20 minutes of exercise and body connections daily. 
  • I am connecting with my Sami ancestry which this experience in my hip is related to. 
  • I am spending time outside everyday listening and thanking the earth. 
Today when I got wise to my mind attitude, I wrote to my teacher Toni Stone who had just sent an email, so pertinent to my situation which included the words: "every victorious way out of a challenge involves one in some way, being what they have never been before...this i know for sure.  what else i know for sure, is that transformation of some sort  is the background of any miracle...and many sad, unsatisfied people want only the miracle without the work of transforming something about themselves.... " And shared with her to help myself see what I was in. 

I called my colleague and dear friend and told her what was happening with me and during our conversation I remembered a dream I had about creating a new program with people that would really activate the work I am doing.  She reminded me that I was none of those things my mind was telling me, that I am light.  

In order to live in possibility, we must be honest about who we are in the moment.  Pretending we have it together doesn't really cut it.  Being honest, speaking with "others of spirit" and allow ourselves to be penetrated.  This allows the path of possibility to open up. 

I am continuing on.  The earth beckons me right now to stand barefoot and listen. 

Peace and Gratitude for Abundant Green Blessings, Julie


Singing Heart said...

Thank you, Julie. Yes, in order to transform we shift into another form which requires dissolution of previous form. One must surrender, trust, allow and then receive (S.T.A.R.--Golden Dolphins). Blessed Be--Betsy P.S. I am working on my foot and alignment from my foot up. Purchased a Teeter Hang Up to help w/ stretching out the spine, and have been reading Katy Bowman's book, Every Woman's Guide to Foot Pain Relief. Katy Bowman also blogs on full body alignment. She was linked to the Kegel Queen as a reference. All 'dem bones' are sure enough connected!

Julie Charette Nunn, Crow's Daughter said...

Thanks, Betsy....good words to here abou disolution...challenging to be in the chrysalis unless I surrender completely....peace and love, Julie