Friday, July 31, 2015

Wisdom of the Trees

I am here at Viridis Genii, Plant Mysticism Conference in Oregon and am following though with my commitment to write to inspire me to write my book. So…I am going to publish excerpts from "Verdant Gnosis", Cultivaying the Green Path. This is a book that has essays written by presenters at this conference and the first time my writing has been published.

The Title of my essay is "The Wisdom of the Trees".

"As a child who spent time in forests and parks, I played under the cedars a
and felt at home. The old growth of the Olympic National Forest brought me nourishment. But it would not be until midlife that I found a place with the trees as wisdom keepers and healers of the spirit. I had gone to Lake Quinault to have a nice family outing. What I witnessed when we drove near the lake was massive clear cutting. I was devastated. I told the trees in silent prayer that I would return to connect with them soon, to witness what had happened to them. "

More coming tomorrow…

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