Saturday, August 1, 2015

Soon It Will Be Time For The Cutting of the Trees to Stop

"I did return. I left my mom's house in my car alone, drove out of town and toward Lake Quinault. I found a dirt road around the wild side of the lake and started on it. I came to a very large, old Douglas Fir tree that wa growing near the road. I got out of my car and immediately began to sob. I told the tree how sorry I was for all the clear cutting that the humans were doing. I circled around the tree and cried and cried. Then I asked the tree what I could do. "Soon it will be time for the cutting of the trees to stop." It told me. "The ones that are cutting the trees will not be the ones to stop it." I knew what the tree meant. It meant that the trees would stop the clear cutting. I did not understand this but knew that this was so."

From Verdant Gnosis, Cultivating the Green Path
My essay is "The Wisdom of the Trees"

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