Monday, November 16, 2009

Invisible Quiet

I walked out on the land today.
I asked the apple tree for some advise about my work.
I walked up under the Douglas fir trees and greeted the burdock,
who’s leaves are almost invisible now.
I collected a few evergreen branches to feed to my goats.
I looked down at the beautiful beech leaves on the ground,
amber and glistening from rain.
I looked up at the majestic cedar.
Outside, I was quiet and slow.
Witnessing, listening, feeling.
Inside, I am working through,
continuing, calling, crafting, journeying, writing,
emailing, dreaming, intending, and affirming.
My inner world is very busy right now creating.
My outer world is gently being.
I was reminded by my walk out onto the earth,
that the gentle slow and low energy of this new moon day,
can nurture me best outside. I will follow earth’s energy inward,
and work diligently on the inside.
And I will allow myself to notice the
invisible quiet of the earth on the outside.

May it be in Beauty.

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